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TSCC News Round Up

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” News for a Tuesday (The Save Sarah Connor Edition)

tscc-222-1204Although there haven’t been any new episode for a few weeks the internet has still been buzzing with TSCC activity. A number polls show that TSCC is a fan favorite including E!Online, Zap2it , Sci-Fi Wire, and the LA Times where TSCC toppled the competition. In addition, several media outlet’s have been voicing their support for the renewal of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

CNN offers their support for Sarah Connor in “Commentary: Save This ‘Terminator’”.

tscc-222-1344Josh Levs in his commentary has this to say about the finale:

“It was a daring, surprising, brilliant cliffhanger for a show that’s gained a loyal following, particularly among people like me who are in awe of it. It also opens the door to anyone who hasn’t discovered this show yet, allowing for a fresh start.”

Mr. Levs contributes this advice to the FOX network:

“The weekly adventures of Sarah and John Connor just aren’t done. There’s too much unanswered, too much left to explore. So here’s my pitch to network heads: You can still change the future. Don’t terminate these “Chronicles” before their time.”

tscc-216-1420Charlie Jane Anders and i09 have come up with a campaign to encourage Fox to give Sarah Connor a third season:

“We’ve started a Flickr group called “Sarah Connor Made Me Do It.” Post pictures of yourself with products that sponsored Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles there, and we’ll make sure the folks at Fox and Warner Bros. see it.”

wants TSCC to be renewed also and offers praise to all involved with the production:

“The show came to life in Season 2, which concluded last month. A tapestry of heartbreak, dread, looming violence and black humor, it resembled nothing so much as a sci-fi Sopranos. The familiar conventions of hour-long dramas were routinely shattered, while the writers meticulously enriched the Terminator mythos beyond all expectations. Unlike the blatant make-it-up-as-you-go-along ethos that powered Battlestar Galactica, the Sarah Connor writers really do have a plan.

Meanwhile, the performers have given life to a host of memorable characters, from Lena Headey’s grim title character to Summer Glau’s terminatrix Cameron, the most inscrutable, yet intriguing, sci-fi character since Spock.”

Wired continues on to point the readers to all the website’s (including the above i09 campaign) that are posting efforts and addresses for correspondence to encourage Fox to renew Sarah Connor.

tscc-220-889Other media sites giving support to TSCC includes PopMatters, 411mania and JANiE.

As fans we must do more than just respond to the polls. We need to participate in the campaigns and spread the word about TSCC. Most importantly, we all must write to Fox and let them know we watch and that we want a third season. Click HERE for a form letter and addresses for you to use in you correspondence to Fox and Warner Bros.

Save Sarah Connor.

No Fate but what we make.

In other news, Lena Headey’s film “Tell-Tale” premeired at the Tribeca Film Festival recently. To check out the trailer and poster click HERE and for a quick description of the film click HERE. Reviews are coming in also:

telltalerevVariety liked Tell-Tale and thinks the film is:

“…a fairly lovely story unfolds about Terry, Elizabeth and the daughter who is bringing them together. It’s rare to find quite this believable and warm a domestic subplot rolling out at the same time other characters are meeting horrific, bloody ends, but it never feels strained or forced and ramps up the viewer’s emotional investment.

“Tell Tale” may be a fantastic story, but the supernatural elements of Callaham’s Poe-etics are so tightly woven into the action and emotion that one forgets how unnatural it all is.”

Fangoria offers this opinion of Tell-Tale:

“Poe has had most of his notable film adaptations done as period pieces, but TELL TALE demonstrates that his themes can successfully be adapted to fit the modern day as well. Even as the film’s particulars are thoroughly contemporary, the author’s descent-into-madness motifs remain present (and a key line from “Tell-Tale Heart” is even spoken verbatim by one of the onscreen characters). While its match between heartfelt drama and blood-pumping terror may occasionally be irregular, TELL TALE pulls it off more often than not, and may get your heart pounding and blood freezing at a number of intervals.”

Additional reviews can be found HERE and .

ltr_poster_5Don’t forget all you Angelino’s that Lena Headey, along with Rob Hall and Bobbi Sue Luther, is scheduled to appear at a screening of “Laid to Rest” this Saturday in Beverly Hills. Information and tickets can be found HERE.

In even more news…

Playbill has an article about the design of the Off-Broadway play Garret Dillahunt in appearing in.

Click HERE for information about “Alien Trespass” with Robert Patrick.

Zoe Saldana talks about Avatar HERE and Steven Soderberg praises Avatar HERE.

And that’s the “Save Sarah Connor” news for a Tuesday. Don’t forget to send your letters and emails to Fox and Warner Bros. Let them know you want a third season of TSCC.

No Fate But What We Make


  • Erika
    5 May 2009 | Permalink |

    Thanks Kris and congrats on figuring out the new version of WordPress :p

  • Etienne
    5 May 2009 | Permalink |

    If you are reading this message, YOU are THE RESISTANCE!

    In an unprecedented effort to save TSCC, I ask that every Resistance Fighter send an email to on Friday May 8th between 8PM/7PMc and 9PM/8PMc (old TSCC schedule on FOX). No need to wrote an elaborate email: Just ask FOX to renew TSCC for a 3rd season.

    What’s important is to send as much emails as possible at that precise date and time. PLEASE only 1 email per person (we don’t want to spam them, we want to be heard).

    Thanks to pass that message to every TSCC friends.

    Will you join us?

    Canadian TSCC Resistance

  • Alexis
    5 May 2009 | Permalink |

    Thanks for the good news!

    It’s great reading such a nice article like Josh Levs’ :)

    Btw, this is the comment I made for the article on Wired:

    Posted by: Alexis_TSCC | 05/5/09 | 11:14 pm

    TSCC is the best show on TV by far.
    The reasons:

    Smart writing.
    The writers do have a plan and you can see this clearly if you catch up all the details and subtleties instead of watching the show superficially – the narrative sense-making is not built up by episode but as a whole, at the end of the season all the questions were brilliantly answered and new exciting possibilities were left open with an amazing and totally unexpected twist at the very end of the season.

    Thought provoking.
    Thematically, TSCC explored some of the most relevant issues regarding our contemporary society and deepen into some taboo and controversial topics.

    Emotionally intense.
    It has:
    Deep character developments.
    Great performances.
    Amazing twists.
    Sensational FX and make-up artists.

    All of which make the story amazingly intense and truly believable. This perfect mix between smart writing, brilliant acting and outstanding technical skills creates the perfect atmosphere for the audience to be amazed, entertained and deeply connected, in an emotional level, to laugh and cry along with their favorite characters.

    The writers knew well how to build up solid and original plot developments on the basis of one of the biggest Hollywood franchises with billions of crazy fans all around the world. Some plot devices were introduced prematurely in second season because of some internal pressures which affected the rhythm of the story, that’s true, but Josh Friedman and his amazing team of writers and co-producers managed to get through this and get back on track with the original plan.
    The result: The last 6 episodes not only recovered the rhythm but were truly MEMORABLE ones and gave us back the best of the best I’ve ever seen on TV, which has certainly expanded the Terminator mythology, remaining loyal to James Cameron’s original concept and his massage of HOPE crystallized on this phrase: “If a terminator can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too” [T2]. TSCC is all about HOPE. All the cool Terminators in the movies and the series are just a metaphor implemented in order to deliver this message of HOPE, guys, don’t forget that.

    There’s no fate but what WE make.


    Hang in there, baby! :D

  • phasee
    6 May 2009 | Permalink |

    To quote Underworld were still buzzing about our new pet. TSCC is the best show and we, the resistance will fight for its fate. Will you join us?

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