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TSCC Review Round Up – Sarah Connor Society русский 6 класс решебник ладыженская гдз 10 11 русский власенков информатика 6 класс пупцев решебник решебник 1 4 класс марон решебник
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TSCC Review Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES Reviews for the Weekend (The “Adam Raised a Cain” Holy Smokes! No, They Didn’t! Edition)

I know you watched it! Right! If not, get thee to the DVR or Fox.com and watch it. NOW!

On with the show…

John Henry and Savannah in the chat rooom. On the phone doing homework.  Hiding from terminators.  Sarah and Derek at Kyle’s gravesite. The Connor clan coming to Savannah’s rescue.  Ellison asking John Henry to lie. Cameron wants to kill Ellison. She really wants to kill Ellison. Going to the movies.  Sarah gets arrested. John wants to kill Ellison.  John really wants to kill Ellison. Robot!mom reunited with her child. Sarah!Mom separated from her child. John Henry and Savannah singing a duet.  Derek! Derek! Derek!

I don’t think I’ve ever yelled, stopped my feet, and jumped up and down  at my TV more than I did during this episode!!  My neighbors were probably wondering what the *&^#! was going on in my apartment. What an awesome, awesome and even more awesome episode. Thank you Josh and Company!!

And guess what? I’m not the only one who was lovin’ “Adam Raised a Cain”.

Clique Clack gets the quote of the week award:

“Holy crap! Holy crap on a cracker! I’ve been spoiler free for a while now, and boy am I glad I have been. This episode had quite a shock in it (and I’ll go into the details after the jump), and I certainly didn’t see it coming…”


had their jaws on the floor:

“Well, I didn’t see that coming. Any of that, really. My jaw dropped multiple times during last night’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, an episode I had to watch twice in a row. Spoiler rampage!…”

TVoholic was shocked:

“It was rough, it was shocking, and it was a “detail” as we’re in the middle of an attack, Cameron (finally) getting to fight with another Terminator while John gets Savannah and runs away before the police gets here. All of that, such major development going on, and the credits weren’t even done yet! You gotta hand it to the writers, even though we’re getting near the end of the season (and hopefully just the season), it wasn’t an obvious choice to make things go down that way, but they did, brilliantly so…”

TV Squad

was Wow!ed:

“Wow. Just, wow! This was one of the best episodes of the season. This was also one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the entire series…”

Zap2it hands to TSCC for engaging in taboos:

“I have to hand it to “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” they have absolutely no problem killing off main characters or doing other taboo things. We can all assume that John Connor will survive the series, but after killing Charley last week and doing what they did this week, I think all other bets are off…”

Cinema Blend is liking the suspense:

“Terminator:TSCC has been gaining steady steam for the last five episodes. The writers have added the intrigue and suspense…”

Paul Levinson enjoyed “Adam Raised a Cain”:

“I said here last week that The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been getting better with every episode, and last night’s Episode 2.21 was really better than just about anything previously on the series, and may be one of my favorite hours of television this season.”

Alan Sepinwell has this to say:

“Wow. Who ever would have thought I would be this startled — not just startled, but sad — about the death of a character…”

Click on the links below for a couple more reviews:

AV Club

Finally, watch TSCC on your DVR this weekend.  Watch it on Fox.com this weekend. Watch it on Hulu this weekend.  Overnight ratings were down this week so we really need to watch the show legally this weekend through our alternate viewing options.  I really want Season Three and I know you do too! Watch! Watch! Watch!

No Fate but What We Make!!


  • 5 Apr 2009 | Permalink |

    I was shocked!! I was saddened………..
    I was angry at the choices some were making.
    I hated the way the Derrek was just taken out without goodbyes or fanfare.
    It had an impact tho. Shows how wonderful awesome people that do courageous things can very easily end up in an unmarked grave with no one to come pay their respects or to mourn them. John Henry is fascinating. I am enthralled by this entire production! KUDOS!!!!!

  • Keith
    6 Apr 2009 | Permalink |

    Talk about infuriated! I cannot believe that Derek was killed! I truly though that he was becoming the real heart and soul of the series! I am dumbfounded. Though I will continue to watch the show, I shall do it with a heavy heart. The only good thing that can come from this, John actually grows up! His character has its moments, overall though, he boars me to tears! I constantly find my self-asking the same question “this character is eventually going to have the role of savior?” My personal opinion, Sarah would have to die in order for that to happen. I had played out in my head that scenario. Sarah dies; John now has to become the true leader. He would now have to make decisions. He would have two perspectives from the future helping guide him through his tough decision-making. Not a mother who constantly tries holding him back. However, I guess that is why I am just a fan and not a writer for the show. Ok I am finished venting. Any one else agree with me?

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