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TSCC News Round Up – Sarah Connor Society гдз 10 11 русский власенков информатика 6 класс пупцев решебник решебник 1 4 класс марон решебник

TSCC News Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News for a Cold and Rainy Wednesday Evening

As I’m sitting here on a cold and rainy evening in the Hollywood *cough*allthewayat thebottomofthe*cough* Hills (I’m acutely aware that my news partner in Canada is most certainly laughing at my defintion of COLD), I can’t help but be excited because there are only two more days until Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles comes back with new episodes. Friday the 13th marks the beginning of the second half of the season and at 8 p.m. I will be glued to my TV watching “The Good Wound”. Yay! It was a long wait. Yay!

As I’m sure you are aware, it was an exciting afternoon for all the die-hard Chroniclers (yours truly included) in the TSCC Fanverse.  Fancast hosted a live chat with Josh Friedman and Thomas Dekker and since we only have two days left before the second half of the second season, I have two things to say:

1. Thank you Josh!  You Rock!!

2. Thank you Thomas! You Rock Too!!

The chat was tons of fun and our very own Erika, Awesome Administrator, was able to submit two questions to Josh Friedman and Thomas Dekker.  To find out what the questions were and what spoilery answers Josh had, click HERE. The rest of the production staff was busy as well with new posts all day long. Click HERE to see what they had to say.

I remember back in the day when all my favorite shows were on Friday evenings. Now once again I have a plate full of sci-fi shows to enjoy on Friday nights and I’m not the only one either.

Mamapop.com thinks:

“Friday the 13th Is Good For Something besides Slasher Movies (It’s Now Also Good for Television)!”

“Consider this Friday the 13th the death of you leaving the house, with the science fiction triumvirate of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Battlestar Galactica invading your television screens.  I don’t care about your fancy DVRs, your PVRs, your Tivos and the steam-powered Bittorrent machine in your garage.  You stay and watch.  You stay.”

It seems that TV Overmind is a little behind the times.  Click HERE for their review of “Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point”.

And for all you Canadians who thought you’re getting to watch TSCC on Thursday instead of Fridays (as previously reported) I’ve got a little bad news for you.  The CNW Group is reporting that TSCC will air on Fridays instead. You’ll have to wait just like the rest of us.

Joss Whedon has a few comments about the pairing of Dollhouse with TSCC on Friday nights:

“Honestly, I really do see the opportunity there, because the deal with the Friday-night timeslot was you don’t come out, bang, opening weekend, and it’s all decided. It’s about growing a fan base, both for Dollhouse and [Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which will lead into Dollhouse]. I think Terminator is a remarkably good show, and the kind of show that makes sense to be paired with Dollhouse, so I feel great about that…” Click HERE for the entire article.

That about covers it for general TSCC news. Now on the some actor news:

Our friends at IMAY has a clip of Lena Headey appearing a short film called “Vacancy”.  They also have a few production stills from the movie too!

Click HERE for an interesting but not entirely positive video review of Lena Headey’s film “The Broken”.

TV Addict has an exclusive interview with Thomas Dekker. Here’s a sampling of what Thomas had to say:

“[TV Addict] Well at the very least, can you assure fans that John will try to be a better son.

[Thomas Dekker] I think you;ve got to cut John some slack! I mean, can you imagine having to grow up with that [Sarah] all your life? Jesus Chris, I mean I have issues with my Supermom!

What I will say is that where we went with John and Sarah’s relationship gave us a lot of drama and it was a believable evolution after what happened to him in the beginning of the second season where it would only be natural that he would want to push her away and act out.”

Click HERE for the whole interview.

Summer Glau will be appearing as herself on the March 9th episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Click for the scoop.

The Fresno Bee has an article about Summer and she has this to say:

“The biggest difference between playing Cameron and playing other roles that I have in the past is I’m constantly making a decision about how I play this role. You know it has to be planned out. And as an actor, a lot of times you just react in a scene and you just do it from your heart. And you know Cameron cannot do that,” Glau says. “I really rely on Josh and I rely on my writers to help me with the character.”

Finally for all you Garrett Dillahunt fans, Shock Till You Drop has a poster for Garrett’s film

Since the Terminator universe is all about killer robots from the future, we have a few robot stories for you.

The New Zealand Herald has an article about robots that features Miles Dyson.

“These are similar comments – they both have an oddly defensive undercurrent. Both imply that things may not turn out so well. But while Baveja is an academic, and supplied the first comment, Dyson, who provided the second, is fictional. He’s the creator of an artificial intelligence which evolves into “the machines” who attempt to cleanse the world of all humans in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Dyson gave his views after he was told his creation caused three billion deaths.”

Robots.net has a DIY Chess Playing Robot and for Valentine’s Day Robots.net also has an entry about Robot Love.

Marshall Fine of the Huffington Post thinks that Terminator (T1) would make a good movie for Valentine’s Day.

“The Terminator (1984): “I came through time for you,” Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) tells Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), in a dazzling romantic moment – which, of course, is sandwiched between startlingly tense chase sequences as they flee the seemingly unstoppable Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, I know – strictly speaking, it’s not a romantic movie. But the movie itself is an action classic, and it’s hard to ignore the sweeping sentiment when the two of them finally have a few minutes of alone time.”

Savage Chicken also has love for Terminator. Click HERE for the hilarious cartoon.

And Michael Biehn will be on Criminal Minds tonight. Click HERE for the details.

Comic Book Resources has a write-up of the Terminator Salvation panel at the NY Comic Con.

“McG isn’t starring in “Terminator Salvation,” but you wouldn’t know it based on his showmanship at the New York Comic Con spotlighting the new installment of the Terminator franchise. The chatty director showed all-new footage from “Salvation” and interacted with the fans on a wide variety of topics.”

Click HERE for the entire write-up.

Terminator Salvation clips may be appearing during the Oscars. Click HERE for the details.

i09 has pictures from TS and James Cameron’s “Avatar”. Click HERE for the pictures and a new plot synopsis for “Avatar”.

And lastly,

Sigourney Weaver was excited about her character “Ellen Ripley” rank as MTV’s #2 Badass of All Time list. Click HERE to see what she said.

Since I have about as much patience as Gjr., I will end this Round Up with…

Is it Friday yet?

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    AH! 80s HAIR!

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