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Sarah Connor Society News

Looking for New Co-Admins/News Reporters

Hi there, Sarah Conner Society has passed it’s 3 year anniversary. With our stars spreading out all over into Film and Television, I’m finding it near impossible to keep up with everyone. So I’m looking for new staff members who will be happy to hunt for news from our stars! I usually am on top of photos, but have fallen off of the boat looking for interviews, news, etc. So if you’re interested, I’d prefer [...]

Resistance Fighters Listen up – SCS.com is Recruiting New Staff Reporters

So in case you haven’t noticed the lack of big news posts around here, it’s because I’ve been abandoned to work the site alone and have realized that our cast is way too large for one person to handle tracking news for. Plus, I have other fan communities that I run that are active and my time is split. So I’m looking for reporters who are interested in celebrating what’s going on w/ our favorite [...]

Reminder of Domain Change & SCS.Com News

So this is a reminder that we’re moving domains this week. SCS.NET is changing to SarahConnorSociety.COM, so please update your bookmarks. The old gallery is also going away. Currently I don’t have any plans to rebuild a gallery, mostly because I have a second TV community that’s taking up my free time where I’m having to manage all of their photos. Once I’m done w/ that I’ll concentrate on trying to get some semblance of [...]

Terminator Salvation Book Pack Winner!

The winner of our 3 Terminator Salvation book pack from Titan Books (http://www.titanbooks.com) is Fujii_Itsuki Congrats Fujii_Itsuki! Please email me w/ your address to claim your prize


By Cyadon SCS.com Forum Moderator (Warning – review is full of spoilers – do NOT read if you do not wish to be spoiled!!!) On Monday I was given the pleasure of seeing a sneak peek of the new movie Terminator: Salvation starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. The movie is different in feel and pacing than its three predecessors. This is not a chase film, as the others were, with our protagonists doing what [...]

Terminator Salvation Book Package Giveaway!

Once again our friends at Titan Books (http://www.titanbooks.com) are kind enough to offer up a FABULOUS prize pack for one lucky winner! This go around we are giving away a 3-pack of AWESOME books to get you completely up to speed with all of the ins and outs of the new film TERMINATOR SALVATION (opens TOMORROW! Click on button on our sidebar to pre-order tickets!) Here’s what one lucky winner will receive – 1 copy [...]

Last week to send in Letters to FOX and WB to Support TSCC Season 3!

Help yourself to this image if you want to use it for anything. What can you do? Email Fox: askfox@fox.com Leave a message on Fox’s viewer response line: 310-369-1000 Write a letter: Fox Broadcasting ATTN: Kevin Reilly 10201 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 Watch episodes at fox.com.

SCS.net New Layout, Items added in Gallery +MV Network Updates

Hi everyone – so a couple of weeks ago I suggested to Kate that we should redo the layout here on SCS.net and she found this lovely new template! The site is overall cleaner and MUCH easier to find stuff! Big kudos to her! I do promise that I will eventually get around to updating the banner/background here – maybe *hopefully* as a way of celebrating season 3.  (Want to help w/ that? Go vote [...]

No Fate but What We Make

Someday girl I don’t know when we’re gonna get to that place Where we really wanna go and we’ll walk in the sun But till then tramps like us baby we were born to run These are the facts as we know them from sources various and sundry in fact you’ve probably seen most of this elsewhere but I want to have this post as a handy reference guide. 1: Fox is looking at ALL [...]


TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News for Friday (A Very Good Friday Indeed Edition) FADE IN: INT: THE SARAH CONNOR SOCIETY’S SECRET (?) HQ SOMEWHERE NORTH OF LAKE ONTARIO ROXY B‘S BASEMENT SCS news blogger KATIE sits a table covered with doll parts and tiny beer cans, typing away on her laptop while SCS Forum Admin and In-House Satirist ROXY B watches. KATIE: I can’t find my links. ROXY: Links? KATIE: For the news post. [...]

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