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TSCC General News

Multipleverses – Sci Fi Franchise Showdown is now Open!

Multipleverses – Sci Fi Franchise Showdown is now Open!. Click the link above to vote for the Terminator Franchise as the number one science fiction franchise in the Multipleverses sci fi franchise showdown!

Winners List Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll

TSCC was a clear winner in the Multipleverses favorite prematurely cancelled sci fi series poll! Click the link below to see how your other favorites fared. Congrats to TSCC and its fans! Winners List Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll.

Brian Austin Green reveals TSCC Direct to DVD Movie Moving Forward

You’re all aware of Thomas Dekker’s recent mentions of a TSCC continuation movie, right? He’s dropped hints that there are early talks going on and that one of the other actors is involved in it all. Well if you had any doubts about it, maybe this will change your mind: Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green were at Starfury and got asked about all this Sarah Connor Chronicles movie talk at a Q&A. Jenkehs from [...]

Thomas Dekker says there are talks of a TSCC DVD Movie in the works

Thomas is out promoting his new movie Nightmare on Elm Street- he says he is not involved in the production but there is talk about a TSCC DVD movie. I wonder who the other actor is who is involved?

Thomas Dekker Says TSCC DVD Movie Still Might Be Happening

Io9 caught up with Thomas Dekker at WonderCon this weekend and asked the big question…Is a TSCC direct-to-dvd DVD movie still a possibility? His answer: Yes, but it’s a secret. Video and story at io9.com. Be sure to Digg the story here!

Josh Friedman: The Television I Need Therapy to Work Through

I go to my therapist twice a week and often we just talk about television. You’d think I wouldn’t need to pay someone to analyze why Lost works when nothing else will, and yet that’s exactly what I do.

My therapist is Swiss German and a Freudian as well as a psychooncologist and an art therapist. When she watches Sarah Connor she doesn’t see robots and Skynet and John Connor, she sees cancer dreams and death fetishes and the psychological damage done by the absent and perfect father (not that my father is either of those things). My therapist quotes freely from Einstein’s biography and has attended the latest Marlene Dumas exhibit but has never seen an episode of Firefly and only nods and smiles when I tell her one of my greatest fears is somebody spoiling the last two seasons of Battlestar for me. (Seriously. Don’t even think about it.) But she is one of the only people who cares that the Sarah Connor pilot episode originally had a completely different voice over to open the series and that the first lines we ever hear Sarah speak were supposed to be:

“I will die. I will die and so will you. Death gives no man a pass.”

Which some people in the focus groups found a little bit of a bummer.

TSCC News Round Up

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” News for a Tuesday (The Save Sarah Connor Edition) Although there haven’t been any new episode for a few weeks the internet has still been buzzing with TSCC activity. A number polls show that TSCC is a fan favorite including E!Online, Zap2it , Sci-Fi Wire, and the LA Times where TSCC toppled the competition. In addition, several media outlet’s have been voicing their support for the renewal of Terminator: The [...]

The Fans Have Spoken: Save Terminator!

Congratulations to our 2009 Save One Show winner, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! In case you don’t know, Save One Show is E!’s annual opportunity for fans to determine which TV series in danger of cancellation most needs to be saved. Past winners have included Angel, One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars. This year, in true killer-cyborg fashion, Terminator kicked ass, with 53 percent of the final round vote. Chuck was the runner-up with 25 [...]

TSCC Review Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES Reviews for the Weekend (The “Adam Raised a Cain” Holy Smokes! No, They Didn’t! Edition) I know you watched it! Right! If not, get thee to the DVR or Fox.com and watch it. NOW! On with the show… John Henry and Savannah in the chat rooom. On the phone doing homework.  Hiding from terminators.  Sarah and Derek at Kyle’s gravesite. The Connor clan coming to Savannah’s rescue.  Ellison asking John [...]

TSCC News Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News for a Cold and Rainy Wednesday Evening As I’m sitting here on a cold and rainy evening in the Hollywood *cough*allthewayat thebottomofthe*cough* Hills (I’m acutely aware that my news partner in Canada is most certainly laughing at my defintion of COLD), I can’t help but be excited because there are only two more days until Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles comes back with new episodes. Friday the 13th marks [...]

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