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Cast interviews

Stereogum Interviews Shirley Manson and Butch Vig

Stereogum has just released an extensive interview with Shirley Manson and Butch Vig. The article focuses on Garbage and the new record, but Shirley touches on playing a Terminator, the death of the music industry (including some choice words for said “industry”), Garbage’s music video catalog, touring and more. This is one of the best and most in-depth of the recent string of Shirley Manson and Garbage interviews. The full interview is here: http://stereogum.com/855171/progress-report-garbage/franchises/progress-report/

Shirley Manson to Appear on The Late Late Show

Shirley Manson is scheduled as a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on August 26. Also appearing will be Jerry Ferrara. The episode will be airing on Shirley’s 45th birthday. Manson is a popular guest on The Late Late Show, having appeared six times previously, the most recent on May 28, 2010. Here’s video from Shirley’s May 28, 2010 appearance: Sources: Late Night Lineups from Interbridge Late Late Show TV Listing from [...]

Video flashback- Interviews with Brian Austin Green and Summer Glau

Here is a little fun- Brian Austin Green talks about being a gamer at the 2008 Comic Con in San Diego , Summer and Brian talk to Fox Source at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. We are looking forward to seeing Summer at Comic Con this summer – she should be there to promote her new show “The Cape”.

Shirley Manson interview

Shirley was on Craig last week- here is her interview! Always enjoy 2 Scots talking.

Lena Headey HQ 2008 Event Photos

Welcome to your weekend surprise! Some newly released event photos of Lena Headey from a couple of events from 2008! Thanks goto DLewis. Below are some samples – click on the title links to take you to the galleries! Late Show with David Letterman 01-30-08 10th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards Show


TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News for Tuesday (Old News, Meet the New News Edition) STOP JUDGEMENT DAY, SAVE SARAH CONNOR (and John and Cameron and Funny Derek and Pretty Kyle and Young Savannah and John Henry and Creepy Catherine and Agent Ellison with the fine, fine voice but not you, Evil Jesse!). First, vote TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES in E!Online’s “Save One Show Game-Changer Round”. Kristen is mixing up her annual “Save One [...]

TSCC News Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News For Friday (All The Ladies Love Kyle Reese Edition)   TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES returns at 8pm (7 central) on FOX and Canada’s A Channel and there’s time for one last round up of all the SARAH CONNOR-related news we can get WordPress to load. First up, Kyle Reese speaks! TV Guide talked to TSCC’s Kyle, Jonathan Jackson, about what it was like to take over an established character [...]

Thomas Dekker and Shirley Manson on late night TV

There are spoiler clips with both interviews- Thomas’s is at the beginning and Shirley’s is at the end and she talks about the clip a bit at the end of the interview. Thomas and Shirley were on late night talk shows last night. Thomas was on Chelsea Lately and did what I thought was impossible- he had her speechles….poor cougar Chelsea didn’t know what to think of Thomas who was so very excited to meet [...]

TSCC News Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News For Thursday (19 Hours and Counting Edition) TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES returns tomorrow, Friday, February 13th, at 8pm (7 Central) with its first new episode since December 15th. It’s been 60 days since the last new SARAH CONNOR episode and, by God, that’s at least 53 days too long. So, to celebrate the penultimate night of our winter of discontent, we have… New interviews: Canmag’s Fred Topel spoke [...]

TSCC News Round Up

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES News for a Cold and Rainy Wednesday Evening As I’m sitting here on a cold and rainy evening in the Hollywood *cough*allthewayat thebottomofthe*cough* Hills (I’m acutely aware that my news partner in Canada is most certainly laughing at my defintion of COLD), I can’t help but be excited because there are only two more days until Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles comes back with new episodes. Friday the 13th marks [...]

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