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Terminator 5 Survival guide Ready…

This is a breaking News Report for Those Who Survive and Fight On. From RossBondReturns Terminator News Collector and Fanfiction Writer This just in…WE”RE GOING TO WAR!! T5: Ashes of War Yes now you can download your own copy of the T:5 Ashes of War Survival Guide for free!! Don’t forget to team that up with T4: Years of Darkness- for a devastating one two punch! Act now and within the T5 .zip you will [...]

View the World through Terminator Eyes

A Japanese company has designed a pair of glasses that allows the human eye to view the world like they were a Terminator. Brother Industries developed this retinal technology “the new RID prototype attaches to a basic set of spectacles and works by focusing light onto the retina, moving it at high speeds to generate images that look like they exist right in front of the user. ” Click HERE to learn more!

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