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Derek Reese “Brother, Soldier, Survivor” TSCC Wallpaper

Wallpaper Available in 2 sizes: 1680×1050 1280×800

TSCC The *Bleeping* Sequel

Hilarious Fanvideo from our very own Roxy. Watch the first one HERE.

Sarah Connor Undercover Wallpaper & Avatars

Avatars Wallpaper Available in 2 sizes: 1680×1050 1280×800

Terminator Cast scores high on Multipleverses Hottest Stars in SciFi 2010 List

Multipleverses Hottest Stars in SciFi 2010 list is up- head HERE to view it in its entirety. Three Terminator nominees made the top echelons of SciFi’ Hottest. With over 5,000 votes cast Michael Biehn aka Kyle Reese and the father of all Destiny came in number 4 among the men- beating out Christian Bale! It is always good when you can beat Batman. On the women’s side- Summer Glau placed 5th among the women. She [...]

Spock tries a Terminator Line

Leonard Nimoy has some fun a E3 the big video game conference. “Where is Sarah Connor?”

Vote for Sexiest Sci Fi Stars of All Time- Your Favorite TSCC Stars are on the List

Here is your chance to support your favorite sci-fi stars! Multipleverses is running its first ever Sexiest Sci Fi Stars of All Time Poll- you can only choose one man and one woman each time you vote but you can vote as many times as you like. Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles is well represented in our nominees- so support your favorites! Have fun! Voting will be open through 6/30/2010 and then we will post [...]

Linda Hamilton and Tia Carrere to appear at Philly Comic Con

Wizard World has their guest list for their annual big show in Philly in June- and Linda Hamilton and Tia Carrere are both scheduled to appear! If you live in the area or just want to visit this is a big show so get your tickets early. Dates are June 11-12-13. Get full details at the Wizard World Philly page Additional Appearances news: Linda will also be at the Chicago Comic Con in August from [...]

Flight Lessons Jake/Neytiri “Avatar” Wallpaper

Wallpaper Available in 3 sizes: 1680×1050 1440×900 1280×800

Give some Terminator stuff for the holidays!

Looking for some last minute shopping ideas? Head to our store on Amazon for all kinds of Terminator stuff- also I have included a new category with James Cameron movies including his documentaries which act as inspiration for the deep blues and other worldly appearance of Pandora in Avatar. BONUS- the Terminator Salvation Blu-Ray DVD is being offered in a nice 2 for 1 deal- buy the disk and get a free download version to [...]

Terminator Salvation: Props and Wardrobe for Sale

Halcyon, the current (more than likely not for long) owner of the Terminator franchise, has decided to sell a large stash of Props/Wardrobe from the recent DVD release Terminator Salvation. The items are being sold through Hollywood Parts. Unfortunately, no items from The Sarah Connor Chronicles are offered at this time. The items can be found at this link:{69C0F830-08FA-42A6-A8DD-089FBEACB48B}

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